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Wiltshire Local Plan Consultation

As the closing date for the consultation on the Local Plan fast approaches please can you all put in your comments.

If you are struggling or know someone who is finding it hard to access the Local Plan website and upload comments you can submit them in writing in to Spatial Planning, County Hall, Trowbridge, BA14 8JN. Or email them to spatialplanningpolicy@wiltshire.gov.uk and they have assured us that they will send all comments to the Inspector. Add your name and address.

Whichever way you write in be sure to refer to Policy 53 which is for the 600 houses North East of Hilperton and say that you think the plan is not sound. For suggested reasons follow the tips given by Mike below. Also refer to Policy 3 Reserve Sites for housing and broad locations for growth: hidden within the plan are future plans taking forward the sites in Staverton and in Hilperton from the previous consultation and adding in more that stretch towards Semington beyond the rugby club. These may be brought forward before the end of this plan (2038). The developers are fighting for these sites see Great Whaddon.com Lightwood Strategic and Create Streets.

For full details please follow the link below

Wiltshire Local Plan consultation

Parish Council Meeting

The next meeting will be held at 7pm on 20th November 2023 at the Staverton Village Hall.

Agenda 20.11.23

Minutes from previous meeting 11.9.23

Further Details

Staverton School Christmas Market

at Staverton School, School Lane, Staverton on November 25th 11am - 3pm

Great Chalfield Manor - Christmas Fayre

On Saturday 16th December from 10am to 3pm

at Great Chalfield Manor (in the Great Hall and Courtyards)


Completion of Staverton water supply improvement project

Following my previous correspondence with you about Wessex Water’s £500,000 water supply improvement scheme within the B3105 (New Terrace) in Staverton, I am pleased to inform you that this work has now been completed four weeks ahead of schedule.

The road will be open to through traffic again from the morning of Thursday 16 November 2023.

Your Final Chance

Wiltshire Local plan review consultation period ends 22nd November 2023

Top 20 tips

  1. Do you view the plan as a threat to the village.
  2. Have Wiltshire council informed & consult the residents fairly.
  3. Do you feel the Covid period was used as a convenient shield against public scrutiny.
  4. Do you feel at any time your concerns have been considered?
  5. Do you mind if Hilperton loses its rural heritage & identity.
  6. Are you comfortable with the potential damage to landscape, community & local identity.
  7. Do you approve of the village being consumed into greater urban Trowbridge?
  8. Are you concerned about the damage to our biodiversity? (Nature & the environment)
  9. Is further damage to our existing infrastructure acceptable.
  10. Is flooding a concern? is this being addressed?
  11. Will the overloaded road system cope with the increased levels traffic & pollution?
  12. Will the addition of schools improve or degrade existing accessibility issues.
  13. Does Hilperton suffer accessibility issues with main routes all congested.
  14. Are you comfortable with the current traffic situation, will the plan improve the situation?
  15. Health services, Doctors, Dentist, Specialist clinics, & provision of local hospital facilities,    are they sufficient ?
  16. Supply services, Water, Electric, Gas, Sewage & wastewater, waste management.
  17. Hilperton is far from central services in Trowbridge, making alternative transport walk &

cycle unsuitable, should other alternative sites be considered closer to central Trowbridge.

  1. Has the Council explained how a proposed a Stage 1 development of 600 houses on the Northeast side of Hilperton has been associated to the Trowbridge development plan?

Hilperton is clearly identified as a large village in rural development documents, with little requirement for additional housing as a result of many windfall developments over recent years.

  1. Has the significance of the Stage 1 (Trojan horse development) of 600 houses in Hilperton, which links in direct to lightwood strategic master plan for the Greater Waddon area, a very much larger scale development. Has the community been involved in any meaningful consultation with Lightwood?


The future of Hilperton the village community is very much in your hands.

If you don’t comment, the plan will be! adopted!

Please don’t neglect your duty to comment on the plan.

Consultation period ends 22nd November 2023

Wiltshire Local Plan Regulation 19 consultation

The Wiltshire Local Plan (also referred to here as 'the Plan') has reached what is known as the publication stage (Regulation 19) of its preparation, and will now enter an eight week consultation period running from Wednesday 27 September to Wednesday 22 November.

This consultation is the final stage before the Plan, its accompanying evidence, and all submitted comments are sent to a government Planning Inspector for independent examination. In accordance with the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, the Planning Inspector will consider all comments made within the consultation period.

Have your say on the Wiltshire Local Plan

Comments (known as 'representations' in this context) can be submitted online using the council's consultation portal. This is the recommended route, and the simplest, as it allows you to comment directly on the Plan as you look through it. It ensures your comments are relevant and can be easily examined by a Planning Inspector.

Drop-in events are being held at libraries and leisure centres around Wiltshire and a live webinar-style event on Microsoft Teams (Tuesday 10 October, from 6.30pm - 8pm). The closest 'drop-in event' to us will be held on Thursday 12 October at Atrium, County Hall, Bythesea Road, Trowbridge BA14 8JN

For full details please follow the link below

Wiltshire Local Plan consultation



Staverton Parish Council is pleased to welcome Amy Meigh as the newest member of the Parish Council.  She has recently moved into Staverton and wants to help her new community.  She is a teacher and a psychologist with an interest in  community events and children's facilities.  We are delighted to have Amy "on board" and we are sure she will bring with her a wealth of experience.


We are pleased to notify all prospective hirers of the playing field and village hall that Councillor Mounty will be acting Bookings Secretary and you can contact him at email:  kim.mounty@stavertonparishcouncil.org.uk


The Parish Council is pleased to announce Simon Withers as our new Editor of Staverton News.  Simon has an interesting background in printing and has some novel ideas for the Newsletter.  We also wish to thank our small army of newsletter delivery residents for their hard work in delivering our free newsletter to every home in Staverton in all weathers.  Thank you!

You can contact Simon on:      Simon Withers, Editor Staverton News:   newsletter@stavertonparishcouncil.org.uk